GRP Reinforcement of Steel for the Oilfield

THISTLE POLYMER COMPOSITES have particular expertise in the combination of fibrous reinforcement with polymers to provide products which out-perform more conventionally-produced versions. We are unlikely to be able to assist potential clients who are satisfied with their current polymer products. However, we will illustrate two of the product areas where our philosophy has yielded outstanding results:-

Oilfield Measurement While Drilling Sensors were initially made from high specification rubbers, which were averaging about 50 hours of downhole use. This restricted the application of the new technology. The glass-fibre and epoxy resin version we developed can last as long as the non-magnetic sub of which it is a part.



Drive Pulleys for ROV tethers and Umbilicals were initially lined with rubber and wore out quickly. By including fabric reinforcement within the polymer (we call it ‘cut-edge Vee belting in reverse!’), the pulley ceased to be an area of concern to vehicle operators.